Dr Erickson COVID 19 FULL Briefing   Dr Erickson COVID 19 Briefing: Executive Summary & Analysis

Kern County, California, 22 april 2020.Scientific facts is not brought to you by main stream media. Here you get the data from the doctors.

An executive summary of the COVID interview with Dr Erickson and Massihi. Includes over 25 clips from that interview, and analysis of each. The information that Dr. Erickson provided is nothing new. Many have reported on each of his points previously. What is new is that this interview struck a nerve with Americans tired of being scared to death by inaccurate data. Americans had a sense of the truth, but simply could not put it all together as Dr Erickson has. This is the danger of scaring people into conformity, while at the same time burying their civil rights.

22 april 2020
Original Banned from YouTube but saved on this site
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Tucker: Big Tech censors dissent over coronavirus lockdowns   Tucker: Big Tech censors dissent over coronavirus lockdowns

Big technology companies are using the COVID-19 tragedy to increase their power over the American population. #FoxNews #Tucker

Apr 28, 2020